💬 Chat Privacy One-Pager

Resources to help reassure your users that their chats are private, secure, and safe.

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ℹ️ Introduction

We understand that some of your employees may be hesitant to communicate via chats on an employee app. To address this, we've designed a few resources that will help highlight the value of using Chats to connect with co-workers and offer reassurance that their chats are private, safe, and secure.

📚 Topics Covered

The resources provided in this article cover a variety of topics around the benefits of Chats on Blink, how privacy is protected in chats, and what we do to keep chats safe and secure.

🔒 Privacy One-Pager

We've made two versions that can be used in different contexts for your teams:

  • The print version is designed to be used as a large breakroom poster with a custom QR code to drive app downloads for your employees. This means that users will have the access needed to go ahead and start using Blink right away with confidence that their information is secure.

  • The PDF/Digital version is best suited for you to post to your company Feed. This will help encourage your users who are already on Blink to start making the most of the chat feature.

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