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How to format Start Dates
How to format Start Dates

Formatting tips and guidance for entering start dates in the bulk update/import template

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Formatting Requirements

The user's first day and last day fields in the bulk update template have specific requirements in order for the system to accept the update. They are optional fields but, should you choose to you them, they are expected to be filled out in the format YYYY-MM-DD. These cells must be in a text format: the upload will fail or register as an incomplete template if the cell and values aren't entered in the correct format.

How to do this in Excel

  1. Follow the bulk update flow to obtain your import template

  2. Scroll to the column with the header "first_day" and select the column

  3. In the Home menu at the top of your screen, make sure the cell format selected is "text" as shown below.

  4. Enter all dates following the year, month, day format: YYYY-MM-DD

    1. If you're copying and pasting in data, be sure to select to use the source formatting. You can do this by clicking the Ctrl menu shown below and selecting "Match Destination Formatting (M)"

💡 Helpful Hint 💡

Looking for another way to convert dates to text without losing the date formatting? No worries! Simply enter the formula below and apply it to the desired cells:


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