How to send SMS or email invites

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In Blink, you can add users either individually or altogether. You can send Blink invitations via email and/or phone number.

This feature is included with all Blink subscriptions.

There are two different ways to invite your colleagues to the Blink app: Individually or Bulk Import.


  1. Select ‘Invite’ in the Blink app - this is only visible to Admins OR go to ‘Admin Panel’

  2. A secondary tab will open

  3. Go to Users

  4. Select (+) 'Invite Users'

  5. Input the following details:

    1. Email address and/or mobile number

    2. If a user has both of these details, they will receive a Blink invitation to your org by both email and text message

    3. First and last name

    4. Select the Team(s) they’re to be part of. This will dictate what they see in the Blink Feed, Hub and Channels in Chats

    5. Job title

    6. Department

    7. Employee ID

  6. Select ‘Send Invitation’ to push the invitation OR ‘Invite and add another’ if you’d like to rinse and repeat for more users

Bulk Import

  1. Go to 'Admin Panel'

  2. A secondary tab will open

  3. Go to Users

  4. Select 'Bulk Update'

  5. Select 'New Update'

  6. Select 'Import New Users' and 'Begin New Import'

  7. Add the Teams you want to add new users to. Tip! Ensure you have added all the Teams you want in your organization before proceeding with these steps

  8. Select 'Next'

  9. Download the Excel template and open it on your computer and do not close your browser

  10. If you're prompted to 'Edit', please select so you can make changes

  11. For the Template, we need the below employee information:

    1. First name and last name

    2. Email address and/or mobile number with country code, e.g. +44XXXXXXXXXX

    3. Job title

    4. Employee ID

  12. Once inputted, scroll across and place an [X] in the Team columns you want this user to be in, e.g. an X in the columns for All Staff, Operations and London

  13. Rinse and repeat this process for all employees until you are ready to upload

  14. Save any changes to the Excel file

  15. Go back to 'Admin Panel' - The Excel screen should still be open

  16. Select 'Next'

  17. Upload your updated User Template file and assign a name so you know which users are in there

  18. Select 'Upload'

  19. If there are any errors, Blink will tell you the Excel row and error message

    1. Please make the appropriate edits to your User Template file and re-upload

  20. Once you have made your changes and it has successfully uploaded, trigger invitations as-and-when you are ready.

  21. Hover your mouse over the import and select 'Send Invites'

  22. This will trigger an invitation to the email address and/or mobile number you have provided

💡 Helpful Hint

Are you wanting to invite different user groups at different times?

Download multiple templates and upload them separately. You can then trigger invitations for these user groups per your timeframes.

Encountering an error message?

Check out this article.

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