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SMS and email invites: the user experience
SMS and email invites: the user experience

Understanding the user experience when joining Blink via SMS or email invite

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This article covers the user experience when receiving an SMS or email invite.

SMS (text) or email invites are a powerful route for onboarding your employees to Blink.

The user receives the invite directly to their device and/or inbox and can join Blink in as few as three clicks.

The link takes the user to download the Blink app if it’s not already on their device, and log-in is instantaneous from their unique invite. Effective!

Sending SMS & Email invites

Sending individual or bulk user invites via SMS (text) or email can be done from the Admin portal. You can read more about the processes here:

See below to learn about the user experience when receiving and accepting an SMS or email invite.

The user experience on a mobile device:

The user experience on a computer:

The invite will open the web browser:


Some employees didn’t receive an invite

Check to see if the user profile exists in the admin Portal. If it does, verify the contact details are correct and then reissue the invite. NB. You can only send one invite per hour. For more information on sending invites, please read How to send SMS or email invites

I need to update an email or mobile number against a user profile

For security purposes, Blink cannot update personal information such as your email address or mobile number. This can only be edited by an administrator within your organization. Please reach out to your manager or IT team for support with this.

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