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How do I remove a mandatory read?
How do I remove a mandatory read?

Changing a page from a mandatory read to just a normal page in the Hub

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As your business needs change, different information may become a priority. To help keep your resources as flexible as possible, admins are able to change pages and resources in your hub as needed. You can change the mandatory read status of a page at any time through the following steps:

  1. Open your Admin portal and go to the "hub section"

  2. Search for the page you'd like to update and click the title to open it.

  3. Click Edit in the lower right hand corner

  4. Turn the mandatory read toggle off by swiping it to the left. It will turn grey. Click update to complete the change

  5. You'll receive the pop-up below asking if you'd like to proceed. Once you click proceed, the change will be finalized, and users will no longer have this page listed as a mandatory read but it will remain in your Hub

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