Can my company track my location?

Location sharing and the Blink app

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🗺️ Location permission

Your company cannot track your location in Blink.

There is no possible way for your company to track your location using Blink. If you want to know more about location permissions, why we ask for it and when it's used, please read on.

❓ FAQs

Why do you ask for my location?

We request location permissions for two reasons:

  1. When you choose to share your location with someone in a chat, we can use GPS to help you share your current location.

  2. Any workplace forms that have an input for a location, such as on an incident reporting form, you have the option to autofill your location rather than typing in an address.

Who can see my location?

Your current location can only be seen by those you share it with.

Can I block location permissions?

You sure can. If you're not happy with this permission, the good news is that Blink works perfectly well without it. Head over to settings and turn the permission off.

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