Activating my direct reports

Helping line managers get their direct reports signed up to Blink.

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Feature summary

Calling all line managers! We help you activate your direct reports by sharing dedicated invites in just a few clicks.

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What we mean by 'activation'

Activation is the process of a user signing up to Blink and activating their account.

A direct report can either be…

Unactivated: when they haven’t yet signed up to their Blink account.


Activated: when they have signed up to Blink.

How can I invite my direct reports to activate their accounts?

You can invite your direct reports to Blink using any of our three activation routes:

View QR code

Share invite link

Send invite via text

Start inviting

Blink makes it super easy to view your unactivated direct reports and start inviting them.

Go to Directory -> Key Contacts -> Direct Reports:

Your unactivated direct reports will show at the top of the page alongside an ‘activate’ button.

Select ‘activate’ and you’ll be shown our three activation routes for that direct report.

Important: the invitation is unique to the selected direct report and so it’s very important that the dedicated invite is received by the correct direct report.

Activate via…

View QR code

This option is perfect when you’re physically with your direct report and want to invite them face-to-face.

Select ‘view QR code’ on the direct report’s unactivated profile and ask them to scan their unique QR code with their own device.

Share invite link

This is perfect for line managers who have contact details for their direct reports saved natively on their device.

Select ‘share invite link’ and then choose your preferred invite method. The invitation will read:

I’m inviting you to join me on Blink! We’re using Blink to improve connection. Please follow the link to activate your account: unique invite link

Line managers should only use this method if they have obtained contact details with the users’ consent and are operating in line with their organization’s privacy policy.

Send invite via text

This option will only be visible where the direct report’s phone number is already saved to Blink.

Selecting ‘send invite via text’ will trigger a Blink text message to the direct report reading:

Organisation Name has invited you to use Blink. Unique invite link. Use this link to get started.

As with any use of personal data, your organisation should ensure it is meeting data protection laws by e.g., explaining this use of this type of personal data in its employee privacy notice made available to its users.

Track your progress

Line managers can track their progress on activating their direct reports at the top of their ‘Direct Reports’ page in Directory -> Key Contacts.

You can also view when your direct report was last invited by viewing their unactivated profile.

What does my direct report need to do to accept my invitation to Blink?

Your direct report will need to click on the unique invite link you’ve shared with them, or scan the unique QR code you’ve shown them.

Once they’ve done that, they’ll be taken to the app store to download Blink, and then will be prompted to log-in. Then they’re activated!


Why are my invites not being received?

If you’re choosing to ‘send invite via text’ and the invite isn’t being received, it’s likely that the phone number in your employee database is outdated. You can speak to your manager and request them to update the direct report record. Alternatively, send the unique invite to your direct report via the ‘share invite link’ or ‘view QR code’ options.

Where are my missing reports?

If you have direct reports who aren’t showing on Blink, you should speak to your manager to request that they are added to your organisation’s employee database on Blink.

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