Connecting Blink to Zoom

Steps to connect and use Zoom through Blink

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Blink lets you connect your Zoom account to enable the quick creation of Zoom meetings directly from Blink Chat. Anyone can use this feature once the Zoom Superpower in chat has been enabled by an administrator.

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How to connect Zoom to Blink

  1. Select Connect your apps in the Feed Setup menu on the Feed page of your Blink.

  2. Select Zoom from the list of apps

  3. Click Connect and follow the prompts.

  4. Authorize access to your Zoom account.

Once you have Authorized your account you will be returned to Blink and you can start using the Zoom superpower in Blink chats.

Creating Zoom meetings from Blink Chats

In any chat type "/zoom" to create a new Zoom meeting. You can then join the meeting by clicking the "Join Meeting" button which will then open the Zoom meeting in the web browser or desktop application.

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