Creating a M365 Form

How to create and integrate forms from Microsoft into your Blink hub.

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This article will cover how to add your M365 Form into Blink for your users to access.

Creating a M365 Form

  1. Firstly, head to this link to create your M365 Form, click here.

  2. Create your Form

  3. Once create click the three dots in the top right corner

  4. Ensure that Anyone can respond. This is the only setting that is required for your M365 form to work within Blink.

  5. Click 'Collect responses'

  6. Press 'Copy' on the full link.

Adding your M365 Form to Blink

  1. Head to Blink's Admin page

  2. Click on the Hub

  3. Click on 'Create Content', then the 'Form' Option

  4. Set the Form Provider to Other

  5. Paste your link into the URL box

  6. Select the Team(s) you wish to share the form with

  7. You can also choose to send a post into the Feed of all those who can view it. Simply toggle on "Share to Feed". Once you have everything set up as desired click Share.

    1. If you selected "Share to Feed" at this point the share modal will open. You can enter the message you would like to be included in your post and also select which Post Type it should be sent as. Once ready simply click "Share".


My form isn't displaying in Blink

Please ensure the Form is set to anyone can respond. If this is not set, then no one can access the form.

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