M365 for Multiple Tenants

Set up and configure multi-tenant M365 to import files to the Hub from more than one Microsoft Tenant

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Some larger organizations may have multiple Microsoft profiles/tenants that they use to share important documents and data. As a result, we have added the functionality to integrate more than one tenant to Blink.

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How to set up M365 and Sharepoint

In order to enable multiple tenants, you must first have Microsoft enabled for your organization. For assistance with this, please check out the following articles:

Enabling multiple tenants

Please note that only an Org Admin will have the necessary access to complete these steps.

  1. Open the Admin Panel

  2. In the Applications section, select "Manage Apps"

  3. Click on the Microsoft 365.

  4. Once you've ensured that adding files from OneDrive and SharePoint has been enabled, click on "Add another tenant"

  5. This will open a browser window where you can sign in to your Microsoft account. From there, follow the prompts to add your additional tenant(s).


Why does my Microsoft page say I need "Admin Approval?

If you receive a page similar to that shown below, it means you do not have administrative access for this tenant within your organization.

We recommend contacting an admin for that Sharepoint/OneDrive instance to complete the steps provided above or grant you admin access.

How can I upload from the other tenant's Sharepoint?

In the hub, once you click on "add content," you'll have the option to select Sharepoint. Doing this will open a new window for you to select your Microsoft account. Any active tenants will show as an available option here though you may only be signed into one at a time.

Once you've signed into the desired account, simply select the file(s) you wish to share and click the "Select" button at the bottom.

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