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Feed Post Analytics for Basic Users
Feed Post Analytics for Basic Users

Users can see who's viewed their posts

Written by Ana Mason
Updated over a week ago


Viewing the Analytics of your post enables you to get a wider understanding of who in the Audience is viewing your posts. That said, this is tracked anonymously, and the user’s name will not be marked against a normal post or poll once they view it.

Only a priority post will mark if a specific user has viewed it through the “acknowledging” feature on these posts. For more information on different post categories, please see this article.

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Who can use this feature?

Any user can use this feature to view the analytics of their posts.

How do I view the post analytics?

  1. Find a post you want to check the analytics for.

  2. Click the three little dots

  3. Click on "Post Analytics"

  4. This will display the audience, percentage of target audience/team that's been reached, the number of views (labelled as "Impressions"), total number of reactions, and number of comments as shown below:


What posts can I see analytics for?

Any post you or an alias you have access to has made.

Where I can view analytics for feed posts I didn't make?

Only administrators will be able to see analytics for the rest of the feed.

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