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Tracking Engagement Through Priority Posts
Tracking Engagement Through Priority Posts

Priority posts and how to see who's acknowledged it

Updated over a week ago

This feature is available with all Blink subscriptions.

When creating a post, Blink has a Priority Feature. This will make the post more visible to users and, where enabled, add it to the carousel at the top of the Feed. Unlike standard Feed posts, Priority posts require readers to acknowledge they have read and reviewed the post.

In this article:

Create a Priority Post

  1. Go to the Blink app

  2. Select Feed

  3. Select 'Share a post with your team'

  4. Select the Team you want to share this with

  5. For post category, select 'Priority Post' - this will trigger a push notification to everyone in the Team you have selected, and pin this post to the top of their Feed for 5 days

  6. Add text, images, videos, files and rich text formatting

  7. Once ready, select 'Post'

View analytics

When users have acknowledged your post, you select 'View Acknowledgements' to see who has and has not reviewed your post. Users that have not acknowledged it will show under "outstanding" whereas users that have will show as "acknowledged".

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