Dynamic Feed Posts Micro-App

Create bulk feed posts that are tailored to each recipient.

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With the Dynamic Feed Posts micro-app, you can quickly and easily create Feed posts in bulk that are personalized for each recipient in your organization.

This is really useful when you need to:

✅ Share personalized performance metrics

✅ Confirm your uniform sizes

✅ Communicate an adjustment to payroll

✅ Share a unique third-party survey link

In this article:

How to get the Dynamic Feed Posts app

  1. Reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our Support Team (support@joinblink.com) to get this added to your platform

  2. Once the micro-app is live you can find and open it from your Hub.

How to create dynamic posts

Once you have the app enabled, follow these simple steps to create your first set of dynamic posts:

  1. Upload an Excel or a CSV file where one column has the heading ‘id’ and this column must contain the Blink Employee ID. Please note that the 'id' heading has to be entered as lowercase.

    1. If you are using an Excel file and your post contains percentages, these may be converted to numbers, which would break your formatting. In this case it is better to use a CSV file. You can use the preview step to check your posts are displaying correctly.

    2. At this time, the micro-app is only designed to handle up to 2000 lines in Excel. For the best experience, we recommend creating posts for 1999 users or less and ensuring that all users selected are fully registered (not just invited or imported). If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team for assistance.

  2. Upload your file and if required, an associated image to go with Post. Once your files have been uploaded, click ‘Create feed posts’ as shown below.

  3. Now you edit the body of the Feed post. You can write text in simple text or use markdown language to add formatting like italics, emboldening, headings and more. We've provided an example below of what this may look like:

  4. Once you are happy with the post's contents, you can configure its settings.

  5. You can then preview the posts drop-down on a per user basis before sending. Choose from the drop-down menu which user from whose perspective you’d like to preview the post.

  6. Once the Feed posts have been sent, you will see a screen showing how many were sent, if there were any posts which could not be processed, and if so, which employee IDs failed:

  7. Congratulations! You've just sent a dynamic post.

Adding an image

You can easily upload image for your Feed post. Please note that you can only add 1 image for all the feed posts: this means that your text will be customized to each user but they will all see the same image.

For more information on images in the feed, please check out this article.

Setting the Feed post category

The default Feed post category cannot be configured in the Blink app. This is currently set to ‘Your Performance’ or 'News' (depending on your region) for the time being, though we are actively working to add additional options in the future.

Saving time on your future dynamic posts

If you want to use this micro-app again, we recommend saving a text copy of your post template. This will make it quick and easy for you to copy and paste the right formatting next time.

For example, you may use the following template:

Hello <!FirstName!>,

It’s that time again! We’re updating our uniforms, and want to check we have the right size for you. If you need to make any changes to these sizes, please contact Kim Marsh via a direct Blink chat.

**Top Size:** <!TopSize!>

**Bottom Size:** <!BottomSize!>

**Shoe Size:** <!ShoeSize!>

A link to our catalogue with a size guide is **[here](https://genericuniform.com)**.

Which will result in a post that looks like this:

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