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The Feed: How to post, what can I post?
The Feed: How to post, what can I post?

A basic introduction to the feed and creating feed content

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The Feed works like any other, but it is tailored to you. Whether you want to share what you ate for lunch, or the brand-new company policy, you can share both through the feed.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is available to everyone; however, you may find some Teams (in the Audience section) locked. These Teams are restricted to Admins only.

This article will explain each niche feature that creates that tailored feel:

🗣️ Who are you sending this to?

The first step to any feed post is to determine who your audience will be. This is one of the most important parts as it determines what kind of response you will get to your post. The maximum number of recipients that can be added to an audience is 30 per post.

This can include individual users and groups, so each individual counts as one recipient and each group counts as one.

1. Select the “Write” option to open the post window. You will see an option at the top of the post box to Select your Audience as shown in the image below.

2. Once you click on this, will be able to type in Teams or Specific people you want to share this post with.

3. Some Teams will have a lock on them because they have been locked by your admins. If the team is locked, you will be unable to share a post with them.

✏️ Write your content and format it

Now it’s time to add your content! You are able to post whatever you feel, however, do respect your Companies Guidelines on what you can post. If you are unsure if a post meets your organisation’s guidelines, please contact your manager for more information.

  1. Start by typing your content in the post box.

  2. Once you have written your masterpiece, it needs formatting. You can format your post by clicking on the Paintbrush and selecting the desired updates for your content such bolding text, updating font size, adding bullet points, etc. For information on the different types of formatting we support, click here.

📊 Setting the Category your post falls under

This feature allows you to set the tone of your Post. It is helpful to others who are reading your post to understand what it is about at a glance.

  1. Your Category options can be found at the bottom of the post box as pictured below.

  2. Scroll through them, or expand them, as there may be a few options to choose from.

  3. Once you have found the one you are looking for, click on it to add it to your post.

Categories are entirely customisable. Your company’s admin can request these be changed anytime by emailing For more information on what categories are, please see this article.

📄 Edit your Post Settings

Making changes to your Post Settings will allow you to do the following:

  • Schedule your posts to be released at a certain time

  • Feature your posts to increase the prevalence of them and allow them to reappear in people's feeds multiple times (only available to Content Moderators)

  • Turn comments off/on for any users interacting with the post

  • Notify users that your feed has been sent via a push notification.

Schedule your post

  1. Click on the Post Settings Icon. Then select “Schedule this post” which will be listed as the last option.

  2. Ensure the toggle is flicked blue.

  3. Choose your Date and Time.

  4. If you would like to Automatically Dismiss this post (remove this post from everyone's feed at a set time) then turn the Automatically dismiss post toggle to Blue.

  5. Set the Date and Time for the post to be dismissed.

  6. Select “Schedule” at the bottom of the list to save your changes.

💡 Helpful Hint

If the post author disables comments while creating the original post, they will not be able to enable comments later on. If you're unsure about enabling comments, we recommend making the post with comments enabled and then turning off comments through these steps as this may be changed at any time.

Feature your post

Check your Role!

Only Content Moderators can Feature a post. If you are not a Content Moderator this feature will not be available to you.

  1. Click on the Post Settings Icon. Featuring will be available under the advance settings, just above the “Schedule this post” option.

  2. Ensure the toggle is flicked blue

  3. Decide on how long you would like the featured post to live (maximum of 30 days).

Understanding Featured Posts

Featured posts, once sent, will appear once as normally. Then after scrolling down five posts from the very latest feed post it will reappear. After another five posts, it will appear again.

You can choose to send your post with Comments enabled or disabled.

  1. Click on the gear icon to open the Post Settings screen.

  2. At the top, you're able to control the option for users to comment.

    1. To turn off comments, make sure the toggle is grey and to the left.

    2. To turn on comments, make sure the toggle is blue and to the right.

You can send a push notification to users with your post if you believe it needs more attention.

  1. Click on the Post Settings gear. At the top will be a "Notify Audience" option.

  2. To send a notification, make sure the toggle is blue. To not send a notification, make sure the toggle is grey

📸 You can attach files, videos, or images to your feed post

How much can I attach to my feed post?

You can attach an unlimited amount of photos. You can attach 3 files.

  1. Click the paperclip icon to open your documents and select any files or images that you would like to share. The feed will scale the images accordingly to ensure nothing is lost and that it appears favourably to all users.

  2. Videos can also be sent, and played, on the Feed! Upload any of the most common video file types and watch it process and then upload!

📹 Extra information on videos

There is no limit to uploading any video to the feed so you can upload any file size; however, please be aware that it may take some time to upload.

Each video on each client will play at 1080p so this does mean it would be best to upload at 1080p as anything over that will be downscaled.

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