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Creating Engaging Feed Posts
Creating Engaging Feed Posts

Best practices and tips for creating posts users will want to read

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Creating interesting and effective posts is a great way to drive engagement within your team! This article will educate users on the elements to include to create the most effective feed posts.

Sourcing and Curating Your Content

An engaging feed post may contain any or all of the following elements:


Write a headline, statement, or pose a question. Use our in-built Rich Text formatting options to draw attention to your post. For more information on formatting, please see Formatting Feed Posts.


Include relevant emojis to add tone and visual interest. Find inspiration for emojis here.

Call to action

Ask a question to encourage comments or share a link to invite your audience to learn more about your topic.


@Mention other users (or yourself) for added visibility.

Images or videos

Images or videos: Include one or more high-quality photos, GIFs, or video clips. Our research shows posts with images or videos are 6 times more engaging. For help with adding videos or images, please see Adding images to your Feed post.

You don’t have to create all your feed posts from scratch! We have in-built templates you can select from. Once you’ve selected the template, you can edit it to add your own personal touch and specific information relevant to your audience.

You can also browse existing feed posts in your Feed to find inspiration.

What should I post?

Variety is key to keeping your audience interested and engaged. Different posts can achieve different goals, so we recommend planning content

  1. educate - e.g information and resources and training

  2. entertain - e.g birthday wishes

  3. inspire - e.g, team appreciation / recognition

  4. promote - e.g. shift opportunities, hiring events etc.

When is the best time to post?

  • Weekday, early afternoon (1-3pm) is the most popular time. Don’t miss out on the moment!

  • Post when your audience are working, try to avoid weekends and nighttime unless it is urgent

Who should be my audience?

Think about your audience, does it make sense to expand the audience, would others benefit from this message? Select the team that you feel would get the most benefit out of your post.

Why should I include other elements besides text?

  • The short answer is engagement:

    • Feed posts with an image typically receive 6 times more engagement that other posts.

    • When a post has an employees name tagged (”@name”), they are likely to get 5 times more engagement through likes and comments.

Where should I post this information?

  • Consider whether this is appropriate for the feed (more public, reaching a wider audience) or would be better as a chat (only meant for a specific team/individual, not necessarily suited for a more-public forum).

  • How do I create a post?

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