Formatting Feed Posts

Options for customizing a feed post to best deliver your message

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There are many different options for you to choose from to improve the look of your post:


Add larger bolder headers to your post. Choose from Title, Heading, and Subheading.

Bold and Italics

Emphasize sections of your post with bold and italics.

Highlighted Text

Another great way to emphasize parts of your post or to break up the content is through highlighting. This style turns the text blue and adds a blue background.


We use this to share your amazing feedback with our team. Also great for inspirational quotes, customer feedback, announcements and more!

Bullet and Numbered Lists

For those that love organized posts, use these lists to make content easier to digest.

Horizontal Lines

Also called dividers and breaks, these thing grey lines are ideal for breaking up long posts.

Prettier Links

Rather than including the full URL of a website in your post, you can now hide the URL behind the wording of your choosing.

How to use formatting your feed post

There are two main ways of adding formatting to your post. You can either highlight the part of your post that you wish to format and then apply formatting from the menu that appears, or you can navigate to the formatting options by clicking on the brush icon as shown below.


  1. Start composing your post

  2. Press the 'Brush' icon

  3. Choose your formatting option

  4. Click "Post" to publish


  1. Start composing your post.

  2. Tap the "Aa" option at the bottom of the post box and formatting options will show above the keyboard on your device

  3. Select the option you would like

  4. Click "more" to show more formatting options for the post.

  5. Click "share" to publish.

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