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The Carousel provides administrators with an additional method to make sure the best bottom-up and top-down content is seen by its intended audience by elevating its presence in Feed. When this feature is enabled, you will find any Featured posts created appear at the top of the app and can be cycled through.

If you are looking to get this feature turned on for your Organization, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or to our Support Team, support@joinblink.com.

As Featuring Posts is only accessible to Team Admins, Content Moderators, and Organization Admins, only they can add Posts to the Featured Post Carousel.

Featuring a Feed Post

This feature needs to be enabled first.

  1. Create your post.

  2. Once created, click on the Post Settings gear

  3. Under the Advanced Settings tab, you will find an option to "Feature this post" and turn the toggle on.

  4. Select how long you want to Feature the post - this will decide on how long the Featured post appears on the Carousel.

  5. Click "Feature", and then the back button at the top right.

  6. Your post is now ready to send! Once sent, it will appear along the Carousel at the top of the app.


How many Posts can be added to the Carousel?

There is no limit to the number of Posts that can be added to the Carousel.

Do all Featured Posts appear as normal throughout the Feed?

Yes. All Featured Posts will still appear once in a while throughout every user's Feed (that the Post is shared to) as well as appearing in the Carousel.

Who has access to feature a post in the Carousel?

At this time, only administrators are able to add a featured post to the Carousel. If you have something you’d like featured, please contact your admin for assistance.

Do all Featured Posts appear in the Carousel?

Yes. If this option is enabled, all featured posts will be automatically included in the Carousel.

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