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Expanding the audience of a feed post
Expanding the audience of a feed post

Add additional groups to your post's audience

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Expanding the Audience allows you to amend the audience of Teams on a live post.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is accessible to anyone. As soon as your post is live, you are able to amend the Audience to any/all Teams that are not restricted and/or you can add individual users by name.

Admins have the ability to edit other users posts audiences.

How to increase the Audience of your post

  1. Find your post in question.

  2. Click on the three little dots that appear.

  3. There will be an option to "add people to post"

  4. Click this and search for the user/teams you’d like to add. If you don’t see the person or team you’d like to add, they are most likely restricted. Please contact your admin for assistance.

Moderator options

Admins, who follow the same steps as above, have the ability to alter any users posts.

Team Admins

Team Admins can alter only those audiences of which they admin over. If they do not Admin over them, they cannot change them.

Content Moderators

Content Moderators can alter all teams on their feed.

Organization Admins

Organization Admins have the ability to alter all teams' audiences on their feed.

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