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Boosting posts allows users to ensure that the most important and impactful content is seen by its intended audience.

Who can use this feature?

Only organisation administrators, content moderators and Team Administrators have access to boost a post.

Team Admins can only feature a post when they are the administrators of all teams in the post's audience.

What platforms can I boost a post on?

Boosting posts is only available on our mobile apps for the time being.

Boosting a post

When you spot a post that isn't being seen enough or receiving as much engagement as you'd like, tap on the boost post button and select the goal you want to achieve.

Selecting your goal

There are currently three goals that you can select to help you hit your targets for a post. If you would like to, you can choose one goal and then go back and opt for another.

Share with more people

This option allows you to add more teams to the post's audience.

  1. On the right-hand side of the post, select the … to open the post menu.

  2. Tap Boost post.

  3. Tap Share with more people

  4. Select any teams that you want to add to the audience of the post, then tap “okay” in the upper right-hand corner

The post will be shared with any additional teams you selected, and a note will be placed in the comment to tell everyone that you added to the audience. This is so that the post's author does not get confused when they see that their post now has a larger audience than they selected.

Boost engagement

When a post isn't getting the engagement you would like, or you're concerned that it may be missed due to many other posts being sent simultaneously, you can promote the post to the Featured post carousel. For more information on the carousel, please see this article.

  1. On the right-hand side of the post, select the ... to open the post menu.

  2. Tap Boost post.

  3. Tap Boost engagement

  4. Select how long you would like the post featured for (the current maximum is 30 days), then tap Done in the upper right-hand of the screen.

This post will be added to the feature post carousel for the length of time that you selected on the previous page.

Improve the reach

This option allows you to send a notification to anyone in the selected audience who is yet to see the post.

  1. On the right-hand side of the post, select the ... to open the post menu

  2. Tap Boost post

  3. Tap Improve the Reach

  4. Select Send notifications. These notifications will be sent to anyone in the audience for that post who has not viewed it yet.

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