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Categories: What are they?
Categories: What are they?

Using categories on feed posts and how/when to use each type

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All available categories are listed out within the Feed's post box. These help set the tone of your post at a glance and also grab the attention of a user when there is a high priority situation when a Priority post is used.

This article will not cover how to use Categories. For more information on that, click here.

Who can use this feature?

  • Categories are unique to each company and can be changed to best fit the organisation’s needs. There are a few main types of categories - post, poll, and priority - and each one comes with their own specific attributes.

  • While both the post and poll category types are accessible and open to all users, the priority category type is locked to only users who have admin rights (Team Admins of the Team they admin over, Content Moderators to all Teams, and Organisation Admins of all Teams).

What types of Categories are there?

By default you will have these post categories in your Blink environment:

  • Social

  • News

  • Question

  • Poll

  • Priority

What do the different types of Categories do?

Post (Social, News, Question)

This is the standard Category type. It provides a free text box and allows for attachments, videos, and images to be uploaded alongside your text.


This allows you to enter a question and selectable multiple-choice answers. You can have up to 4 options to choose from and the results are anonymous.


This post type is reserved for those with Admin rights only.

When a priority post is sent, a notification goes along with it. This push notification will alert every user within the Team. Everyone who receives this post must acknowledge that they have seen the post by clicking "Acknowledge".

You can then view who has acknowledged a post and who hasn't.

How do I change my Categories?

The categories in your Feed are entirely customisable to your organisation in Blink - all you need to do is let your Customer Success Manager know what you'd like to add, or reach out to our Customer Support Team via ** However, you must be an Organisation Admin to make these changes (For more information, please see An Admin’s Guide to Categories.)

If you are requesting these changes, you would also need to know the following:

The Title

You can title your category anything you like! (emojis are not supported at this time)

The Icon

There are only a certain list of icons that we support, but there are many options on the list. Please click here to see the available options.

The Colour

The colour, like the text, can be anything, but click here for some good recommendations.

The Type

Your category can either be a Post, a Poll, or a Priority category.

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