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What is Blink's architecture?
What is Blink's architecture?
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Blink is an evergreen Software-as-a-Service solution. As such, updates are frequently released, and all customers receive automatic updates.

Mobile end-user apps are updated as per the device's auto-update policy, with desktop app releases either being via auto-updater or via notification of new releases depending on the installation mechanism. Customer Success Managers will keep our customers informed of our upcoming roadmap and releases. The app is always improving as we work on a continuous release model.

Blink's infrastructure runs purely on Amazon Web Services, which delivers infrastructure as a service with prime security capabilities. We configure the database with multiple read replicas distributed across various data centers to ensure availability and automatic failover if a server becomes unavailable. The system auto-scales to ensure capacity is always available to serve the number of concurrent users.

The primary technology is Akka written in Scala, with a number of node.js microservices and utilizing AWS services for database hosting and media conversion pipelines. We use RESTful APIs for interacting with our web and native mobile clients, as well as a public API for integrating with third-party tools and systems.

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