What is Blink?

A brief overview of the Mobile and Desktop instances of Blink as well as an explanation of the available features

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We are Blink, the app offers the engagement and visibility frontline organizations need to build a connected, stronger, happier and more successful workforce. We offer our application for both mobile devices and desktops.

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Blink for Mobile

Blink for Desktop


📸 I need help with my Blink cameras

You may be looking for Amazon's Blink Smart Home Security. For more information on this and how to contact them, please see this article.

⏬ How can I download Blink?

Downloading Blink works differently on different devices. Please go here for more information

⚠️ I need help signing in.

We'd be happy to help! Please see our help article here or contact our support team at support@joinblink.com

❓ What else can I do on Blink?

If you're looking for more information our available features, please check out this article.

Have a suggestion for something you'd like to see? We'd love to hear more about it!

We have a Product Portal where we collect feedback and ideas from customers, as well as share what features and integrations we are currently working on.

We openly invite everyone to contribute and actively incorporate suggestions into the roadmap.

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