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What are open teams?

An Open Team is a team/audience that anyone in your organization can send a Feed post to, without being a member. All members of the Open Team have shared visibility of the post and can respond in the comments.

How can this feature help my organization?

Having an open team can help considerably with maintaining open communication at all levels of the organization. Here are some suggestions for how using an open team may work for your teams:

  • Use Open Teams to raise support tickets

    • You can create an Open Team for your IT or support helpdesk team members, allowing users to post their issues and questions to this team via a Feed post. The support team can respond in the comments to resolve the ticket or provide status updates. An example flow is below:

  • Collect feedback for management

    • By creating an Open Team of managers, you could invite your staff to share feedback via the Feed. Any manager part of the Open Team can see this feedback, comment, and respond.

  • Set up a feed post approval flow

    • Create an open team with a few admins added so anyone in the org can create a feed post to them. Then, the admins can review the post and, if approved, boost the audience so that it becomes visible to more teams without granting access to everyone in the team to post. We have more helpful information on boosting posts here.

Setting up an open team

  1. Navigate to the admin panel

  2. Select the "Teams" tab and click "Create Team"

  3. Enter the desired team name and a brief description for your users advising what this team may be used for.

  4. Select the members you wish to add by typing their names in the "Add Member" section. Please note that anyone in the organization can post to an Open Team on the Feed so you would only need to add members responsible for responding to the posts.

  5. Set the team privacy to "open"

  6. Click Create

Update an existing team

You also have the option to update any of your existing teams to make them open teams

  1. Open the Admin Panel

  2. Navigate to the "Teams" tab and select the team you'd like to update

  3. Click on "Team privacy"

  4. Select "Open Team" and then "update permissions.

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