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How to create, edit, or delete a Team
How to create, edit, or delete a Team

Build the foundation for your Blink structure by creating and managing Teams

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Blink is built on the foundation of Teams, which define what each user sees in the Feed and what they have access to in the Hub. Adding each user to a specific set of Teams ensures that they only see content that is relevant to them and their role.

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Create a Team

❗ Only Organization Admins and Content Moderators can create Teams from within the Admin portal.

  1. Go to the Admin portal

  2. Select Teams

  3. Click the blue Create Team button

  4. Give your new Team a name and description

  5. If you'd like to add members, you can do this now too

  6. Click Create

  7. You can now add a Team icon/photo.

  8. Keep in mind that you can add/remove members, delete, or edit the Team at any time.

We recommend that you create your Team structure before importing your users so you can add teams to the import user template and help automate the process.

Edit a Team

  1. Go to Teams in the Admin portal

  2. Select the Team you'd like to edit

  3. From here, you are able to edit who gets the Team Admin status (we recommend having more than one per team for better coverage) as well as add additional team members

    1. Use the Search bar at the top to find the user you are wanting to add.

    2. Enter the name(s) as desired.

    3. When you're ready to add them, click the blue "Add" button shown below.

Restricting Posting

When you restrict posting to Teams, you are making it where the only member of a specified Team that can post to the feed for said Team is the Team Admin. Any other members may interact with posts but will not be able to create their own to send to this Team.

  1. Go to the desired Team in the Admin portal

  2. Click on the "Team Privacy" section and choose the option that best fits your needs.

  3. Click "Update Permissions".

Delete a Team

  1. Go to the desired team in the Admin portal

  2. Click "Delete Team"

  3. You'll receive a warning pop-up as shown below.

  4. If you wish to proceed after reading the warning, type in the name of the team and select "Yes, Delete Team"

  5. This will permanently remove the Team from your organization. Once a Team is deleted, it is unrecoverable.

💡 Helpful Hint 💡

Having an issue deleting the team? It could be a problem with the team name. Make sure the name doesn't have a space after it prior to clicking the delete team button. If you're still having any issues, please contact us.

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