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Blink's open shifts tool is for users and admins/managers to help fill available shifts.

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For information on the latest version of Blink's Open Shifts tool, please see:

This is an optional feature available for additional charge. Please contact our support team to learn more.

This micro-app allows for open shifts to be advertised in the main Blink Feed to help engage users and help management fill more available shifts quickly and efficiently. We believe that by giving our clients a way to advertise available shifts via the tool that the frontline workers are already using daily, we can fill these shifts sooner saving your organization money.

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Open Shifts for Users

Once the micro-app has been added to the Hub, users may go in and request open shifts either directly through the Hub or via the post on the Feed.


In the Hub on your Blink app, navigate to the "Open Shifts" micro-app

This may be housed in different locations within the Hub depending on your organization. If you're sure it's been enabled but are having trouble locating, try searching for "Open Shifts" in the Hub search bar or reach out to your manager for assistance.

  1. Open the micro-app to see what shifts you have been assigned as well as what shifts are available

  2. To claim an available shift, click on the one you'd like to be scheduled for and tap "Request shift"

  3. Once you've requested the shift, it will be reviewed and approved by the manager or admin.


When a new shift has been added for a team you're a part of, it will appear in the Feed as shown below.

  1. Click on "View more" to open the shift details.

  2. From this view, select "Request Shift"

  3. Once you've requested the shift, it will be reviewed and approved by the manager or admin.

Open Shifts for Managers/Admins

As a manager/admin, you're able to add available shifts to the app so that others may request them. To this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Hub, open your Open Shifts micro-app.

  2. Select "New Shift"

  3. Fill in all the requested information that applies. Please note that the only required fields are the Shift Start, Shift End, Location, and Audience; however, the other fields may help engage your users as well.

  4. Shift start - Enter the date and time the open shift will begin

  5. Shift end - enter the date and time that the shift will end

  6. Location - tell the users where this shift will be occurring.

  7. Shift ID - this is where you can enter the identifying information for the shift you've listed. The idea is that this will connect to however the shift is listed in your actual time-keeping/scheduling system

  8. Audience - select the team(s) that this shift will be available to. Only users on these teams will be able to request this shift. Plese note that you must be part of the team you'd like to list the shift for.

Once you're happy with the information entered, select "Advertise Shift" to share it with your selected audience. While they will not receive a notification (this is something we hope to have in the future) it will show up in their micro-app as available and it will show as a new post in their feed.


How can I enable this for my organization?

At this time, any requests to add this functionality need to be sent to

Will users receive a notification when a shift is available?

Although this functionality isn't available yet, our development team is actively working on it and we hope to make it available soon.

How can users see that a shift is available?

Any available shifts will be listed in their own micro-app for them to request. They will also receive a feed post any time a new shift is added for a team they're a part of.

What do I do if I don't want the shift to be open anymore?

If the shift is no longer available, you will also be able to delete the listing.

  1. In your micro-app, click on the shift you wish to remove.

  1. In the upper right corner, click on the trash can icon.

How will I as a user know I've been selected for a shift I requested?

You'll receive a feed post directly to you advising that you've been scheduled for a shift and providing details for the shift in question. If you were not selected, you will receive a different Feed post stating you've not been selected.

I'm an admin so why I don't see the team listed that I want to add a shift for?

You will only be able to add and list shifts for teams that you are a part of.

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