What's the difference between a Chat and a Channel?

 Chats and Channels are two different types of messaging available on Blink.

They both appear in your Chats list, and this is where you will receive notifications for messages that require your attention.

Both Chats and Channels share the same underlying messaging functionality.

The main differentiation between them is that Channels ALWAYS belong to a Team, whilst Chats are standalone and have a unique membership list that is not discoverable.

Channels tend to be created more frequently than Chats because they are a quick way of bringing a new topic to an existing audience.




Are standalone conversations

Belong to a Team

Have their own individual membership

Inherit their membership from the Team

Cannot be discovered via Search

Are discoverable through the Team

Disappear from your Chat list if you leave the conversation

Can be left and rejoined by a Team member at any time

If you leave the Chat, you will permanently lose access to all content shared on the Chat

If you leave a Channel, you still have access to the content of the Channel through Search as long as you're still part of the Team

If you are a Chat Admin you can add anyone in your Organisation to a Chat

You can add anyone who is NOT in the Team to a Channel through the Invite Guest feature

The Chat Admins have overall control of the Chat and the Chat Settings

The Team Admin has overall control over the members of the Channel and the Channel Settings

Chats can be created by anyone on Blink

Channels can only be created by Team Admins

When you create a new contact, we automatically create a Chat between you which you can find in your Chat list.

A Channel will only appear in your Chat List when you have created or been added to a Channel.


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