Chat management!

Only just providing a Chat feature is not what we had in mind when Chats were created, we wanted it to be the easiest Chat messenger! In this article will be:

  • Mentions
  • Favourites
  • Saving someones message
  • Replying to a message directly
  • Deleting someones message
  • How are important chats or messages determined
  • Compact mode for chats


Simply prefix a persons name with an @ symbol. As you start typing, a list of users will appear for you to select from. You are able to tag them by the full name, or using backspace delete the surname, and tag by first name only.

When you pick a user to mention, their name will appear highlighted in the message or post. If the user is logged into the mobile or desktop app, they will receive a notification. You are able to mention a user in a feed post, a feed post comment and in a chat. This is useful for getting the attention of a chat member even though they may have All Message notifications disabled.

When you use a mention:

  • The sender is assured that the person they mentioned got a notification immediately.
  • The recipient can reduce the notification level in a chat, safe in the knowledge that if someone needs their attention immediately they can be mentioned.


When you favourite a direct chat or a user in their user profile, they will appear in the Contacts page in the favourites section which means you have your most important colleagues at your fingertips.

When you Favourite a chat, it appears under the favourites tab regardless of when it was last active, so you can access it whenever you need.

Favourites in Bllink are much like bookmarks in web browsers with the bonus that they sync seamlessly across desktop and mobile with no other action required.

  1. Open the chat that you would like to add to your favourites.
  2. Open the sidebar (by pressing the icon in the top right)
  3. Click on the Channel Settings
  4. Switch the toggle to make it a favourite!

Saving messages for easier access

We understand that there might be over 1000 users in your organization and this can make it hard to keep track of important messages. This great feature can make that issue non existent! You can find a list of these highlighted chats under the tab "Highlights"

Blink allows you to save any message to come back to later. Simply hover over it (or long press on mobile) and click on the highlight flag icon. If you no longer need the message, go to highlights and click on remove.

The message will instantly appear in the highlights tab of the chat list.

Replying to a Message Directly

This is especially helpful in group chats where there is a lot of activity and you need to address a specific message.

To reply to a previous message in your reply:

  1. Hover over the message
  2. Click the Reply icon
  3. Type your message as usual in the reply-area
  4. Press enter/return

Replying to a specific message is useful to maintain context in a broader conversation that might have moved on.

On iOS and Android you can long-press on a message to receive the same options.

Deleting messages

In the instance that maybe you made a mistake, or maybe something was said that shouldn't have been, we've got you covered! Here's what you can do:

To delete a message from a chat, hover your mouse over it and click on the trash can icon that pops up. The message will be instantly removed. Remember, if you want to change the content of the message you can click on the edit icon!

In its place will appear a system message explaining that the message was deleted.

We need you to know that...

Once deleted it will never be displayed anywhere in the app again. The actual content of the message that was deleted remains in the messages database for audit purposes. It is ultimately recoverable by organisation admins on request to Blink.

How are important chats or messages determined

At the top of your chat list you will find a section titled important. This is where Blink puts messages it thinks are particularly important to you.

If you have notifications set to everything you will have a lot of messages marked as important. Try altering your notification settings.

Leading indicators used to determine importance are:

  • You have been mentioned
  • The chat is between you and just one other person
  • The chat is a part of your favourite list
  • You have notifications for that chat set to 'all messages'
  • How often you participate in that chat
  • How close you are to the person talking in that conversation. This is based on a calculated relationship strength with each of your contacts.

Compact mode for chats

If you feel like you have way too many chats on your Chat page one option would be to make a the chat page 'Compact'!

To do this, first head to the Settings cog:

  1. Then open the 'Edit Preferences'
  2. From there scroll down to 'Desktop Preferences'
  3. Switch the toggle to Compact Mode!

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