Managing your inbox

Users can organize their chat inbox to avoid losing site of the more important conversations

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Managing your inbox is crucial to ensure you aren't overwhelmed by the number of chats. This article will outline:

Blocking other users

We are keen to look at implementing this feature in the future. Unfortunately, we can't build everything all at once (although we wish we could).

As with any potential feature, we encourage you to let us know how important this is to you! If enough people are asking for this, then we can give this feature the priority it deserves. To do this, please visit our Product Portal where we collect feedback and ideas from customers, as well as share what features and integrations we are currently working on. We are always so keen to hear your feedback as it really does help us decide on exactly what you want.

❗ Please reach out.

If you need to report someone, please click this link to find out more information on this process.

Deleting chats

At this time, Blink does not support deleting 1-on-1 chats. As both users involved are considered owners of the chat, neither would have the exclusive right to delete the chat. Additionally, deleting a chat would remove the chat from your inbox but it wouldn't from the other person's inbox.

That said, users are able to delete any Group chats that they are an owner of. This is because the assigned owner/original creator of the chat has clear admin rights. Of course, everyone also has the option to leave any of the group chats they are a part of but leaving the chat will not delete the chat for the group.

If you need to clear chats out of your inbox, you are able to remove chats from your main inbox by archiving them to a separate, accessible inbox.

Archiving chats

Archiving chats allows you to move any unused or unneeded chats from your main inbox. They will appear in a secondary inbox that is accessible. We recommend this as an alternative to deleting chats and can be done by sliding to the right on the chat itself on mobile or pressing the archive icon (as shown below) that appears when hovering over a chat on the web and desktop.

If you ever need to move an archived item back to the main chat, simply navigate to the secondary inbox through the drop-down shown below:

From there, click the restore icon to move the chat back to your main inbox:

Managing your chat inbox

Depending on the size of your company, you may find the stream of information can be hard to keep on top of. Here are some top tips for ensuring your entire inbox is managed well:

🗣️ Archive any chats with employees that have moved on from the company you are at.

💤 Archive any group chats that aren't frequently used.

🌟 Move prioritized chats to your Favorites to maintain easy access to them. See more information on the Favorites section here.

❗ Look out for important chats.

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