📑 Personalising your Hub

Use your Hub to bring together all the content, apps and links your organisation need to work efficiently

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The Hub is your central portal within Blink that allows you to store all documentation and policies used by your team, bring together all external applications (through integrations or links) as well as fill out any forms you need.

This article will walk you through:

🎨 Who can add content to the Hub?

There are 3 different roles within Blink which give the ability to add content to the Hub:

  • Org Admin - this user has access to add content across all teams within the organisation. This user additionally has permissions to amend users and teams across the whole organisation.

  • Team Admin - this user has access to add content to all teams they are a team admin for, within the organisation.

  • Content Moderator - this user has access to add content to all teams across the organisation.

📱 How can I add content to the Hub?

All users that have access to add content to the Hub will have the additional Admin cog option in their Blink side bar - it is important to note this is only available via Desktop, both the web link and desktop app.

Once you have selected the admin icon, the admin portal will open as a separate window. In order to continue adding content to the Hub, navigate to the Content Studio > Hub within the left navigation panel.

Here, within the content studio you can select the 'Add Content' button in the top right corner. Then you will be able to choose the type of content you would like to add to the Hub as well as where within the Hub you would like it to live.

💡 Content Ideas

Below we have included some ideas for good content to add to your Hub. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but this should begin to give you some ideas of what to add!

1. Brief descriptions linking to websites

We have listed all your employee benefits below:


How it works: Using the link above you can login to your own Perkbox account with your ACME credentials. From their portal, you can subscribe to the benefits that you want. These can include discounts on popular restaurants, subscription services, health and mental wellbeing services and much more! Find out more here.

Cycle To Work Scheme

How it works: It's pretty simple, if you would like a new bike so you can cycle to work or just enjoy it in your free time. You can choose any bike you want and the total value will be deducted from your pre-tax salary over a 12 month period, making it more manageable. Find out more here.

2. A simple way to link to other Hub pages or websites

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Your Wellbeing

The physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is paramount to us. That's why we have invested in a number of benefits to help all our employees.

We have clear health and safety guidelines depending on your work environment, see below for further details:

3. Info heavy – Use videos, add files, and link to other documents in the Hub!


Please use the following links to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Does your question concern:

  • Behavior and Wellbeing

  • Development, Performance and Promotions

  • Working from Home Guidelines

Employee Onboarding

We have a world-class onboarding program for all Staff!

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Employee Handbook

The employee handbook provides all you need to know about working here!

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