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Admins can pull a report of all users on their Blink instance at any time

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We believe that accessing data is crucial to effectively using Blink. Since we understand that organization changes and multiple admins can sometimes make user management challenging, Blink is happy to offer a user export so admins can see the most recent list of users as well as their statuses.

This feature is available with all Blink subscriptions.

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Exporting Users

  1. In the Admin Panel, click on "users" under the Blink Identity section

  2. Towards the top of the "All Users" page, click on the button labeled Actions and select "export users" from the drop down

  3. This will open your file explorer menu for you to select a name and folder for the Excel export. The default name will be your "organization name-Users". We recommend choosing a name and location that will be easy to locate later.

What data is included

When you open your export, you'll be able to see every user in your organization. The following information is included for each user:

  • blink_id

    • This is a unique id that directs to the specific user's page

  • is_scim_managed

    • This column will contain an "x" if it is managed by a SCIM or will be blank if not.

  • first_name

  • second_name

  • phone_mobile

  • email

  • job_title

  • company_name

  • location_name

  • department_name

  • employee_id

  • line_manager_employee_id

  • first_day

  • last_day

  • line_manager_name

  • created_at

    • date and time the user was created in your Blink instance

  • las_invitation_sent_date

  • signup_date

  • last_registration_attempt

  • posted_to_feed

    • This column will contain an "x" if the user has ever posted to the feed.

  • is_disabled

    • This column will contain an "x" if the user's status is currently disabled

The remaining columns in the form are all of the teams you have within your organization. An "x" in any of these designates that the user is a member of that team.

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