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Why can't I add this user?
Why can't I add this user?

Assists with common error messages admins may receive when trying to add a new user

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We want to make sure every member of your team is able to connect on Blink seamlessly! As a result, we've prepared the following brief guide to help with some of the most common errors admins encounter when trying to add a new user.

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"User is already in your organization on Blink" Error

If you receive this error when inviting a user, that typically means that the contact information you've entered (email, mobile number, or both) is in use on another user profile. This can happen if there are members of the same household using the same information, if your organization recycles email addresses, and/or if the user is a returning employee.

There are two options to resolve the issue:

  1. You can add different information or partial information. For example, if the email was used by another profile but the phone number is fine, you can use just the phone number to add the user. Or, if they have a different email/phone you can use, simply enter the alternate details.

  2. If you need to have this information removed from another profile, please contact our support team,, so we can do the necessary updates for you. You'll need to provide the information causing the error and be an admin to request this change.

"A problem occurred. Please try again." Error

This error message is a little more generic so there are two potential causes for it: the user you're trying to add is or was part of another organization on Blink or they have created their own organization by mistake.

User is/was part of another organization using Blink

At this time, Blink does not support multiple users across organizations with the same information. If the user is no longer with the other organization, we'll need confirmation from them that they do not need access in that organization anymore.

Once we've been notified, our support team can deactivate their other account and remove the contact information which allows you to add them to your organization like normal.

User created their own organization by mistake

Although this issue is less common, it does still occur. To verify if this is the situation, please check with the user to see if they have any access to Blink. If they've created a new organization, they will most likely be able to sign in but won't see any content or other users.

In this scenario, please contact to let us know. Be sure to provide the user email, name, and/or phone number so we can locate the profile quickly and efficiently for you.

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