🏁 Starter Packs

What starter packs are and how to use them to help your organization launch Blink smoothly to all teams

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A Starter Pack is a Blink activation sheet for users who haven't provided contact details. It provides each user with a unique QR code and invite code which they can use to activate their account in the absence of a valid phone number or email address.

It is very important that each user is given their unique Starter Pack to ensure they activate their dedicated account.

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🗺️ Starter Pack Guide

The Starter Pack Guide has everything you need to know about how to use Starter Packs in your organization.

This guide has primarily been created to train the Blink Project Team, Senior Leadership, Managers and Blink Champions to support their respective teams and/or colleagues on how to activate their accounts via Starter Packs.

Looking for more assistance signing in with a starter pack? Check out this article for more details!

📃 Starter Pack Example

To help give you an idea of what your starter packs will look like, we've included an example below. This will show exactly what your users would see when looking at a starter pack for your organization.

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