Read only files and images

Protect files while still making them accessible to your teams

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Our read-only feature allows you to protect sensitive PDFs and images by preventing the download, sharing and printing of these files.

🍎 Issue with iOS 16 usage 🍎

Apple's latest operating system, iOS16 introduced a change to file previews. This change results in the download button appearing even on read-only files. Users are still unable to download these files but clicking on the button will result in the app crashing. We are looking into options to fix this.

🛡️ This setting can be turned on for any PDF or image shared in the hub by anyone who has permission to edit the file.

There are two ways to mark an image/PDF as read-only: updating existing files and adding new read-only files.

Updating existing files

  1. From Hub Admin, click on the PDF or image you want to update.

  2. Toggle on Read-only.

  3. Click the Update button.

Adding new read-only files

  1. Upload your PDF or image to Hub admin.

  2. Toggle on Read-only.

  3. Click the share button.


What file types are supported?

For now, you can only mark PDFs or images as read-only.

Can I block users from taking screenshots?

Not today. Apple does not allow us to block screenshots being taken on iPhones or iPads.

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