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Managing Notifications

Updating and managing notification preferences for all users

Updated over a week ago

Blink uses your notification settings to determine when to send you an alert on mobile and desktop. On desktop, you can set your preference for a notification sound or only wanting a pop-up banner.

Your settings can be configured as a global preference in your user profile and can then be overridden on a per Group chat basis using the chat sidebar on Desktop. On Mobile, press the Information button in the top right of the screen to set your per chat notifications for a Group chat.

Global Notification preferences


  • Blink will notify you about every new message, comment and like

Mentions and Direct Messages Only

  • Blink will only notify you if you receive a new message directly from a contact, or

  • Your name is @mentioned specifically

On Desktop it would look like:

On iOS mobile it would look like:

On Android mobile it would look like:

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