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What is the Notification Centre
What is the Notification Centre

Where to find the notification centre and how to best utilize this feature

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The notifications centre is the simplest way to see how other people are interacting with you on the feed.

From the Notifications Centre, you'll be able to:

  • See who has liked and commented on your Feed posts

  • See and easily get to posts and comments that you are mentioned in

  • See who has liked your Feed comments

  • See other activity on Feed posts that you have also been active on

  • See new posts made for Teams you are a part of

  • Mute notifications for however long

  • Edit notification settings

Where is the notification centre?

In the desktop or web app, your notification centre is in the lower left-hand corner of the screen as shown below:

For the mobile app, your notifications are located in the upper right corner as seen here:

Once you select the bell icon on either the mobile or desktop version, this is what the Notification centre looks like:

You can see mandatory reads being shared, posts being commented on, and mentions in a post - these are only examples, there can be a lot more going on in the Notification Centre.

How to mute notifications

It may get to a point where too much is going on. We understand that so have enabled the ability to mute the notifications all from within the Notification centre.

1. Press the Bell icon in the right corner of the notification centre

2. Set how long you want the notifications to be muted for

How other notification settings

On the desktop and web application, you are also able to update you desired notifications settings.

1. In the notification centre, select the icon in the right-most corner.

2. This will direct you to your preferences on your user profile (see [insert preferences article here] for more information about updating your preferences). From this view, you are able to decide when you want to be notified and set your desktop notification sound.

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