Blink offers a unique but interconnected experience for both the desk-bound and mobile members of your organization. Below, we've provided some brief training videos to help introduce your team to Blink.

In this article:

πŸ’» Blink for Desktop

πŸ“² Blink for Mobile

πŸ“§ Intro to the Feed

πŸ’¬ Intro to Chats

πŸ‘₯ Intro to the Directory

πŸ—„ Intro to the Hub

Coming soon!

βš™οΈ Intro to Profile Settings

❓ FAQs

What other information do my users need?

Although we believe the above videos offer a great introduction, they are by no means a comprehensive resource. That said, we have a multitude of helpful information available for users in our knowledge base.

What about Admins?

Administrators have access to even more functions in Blink! For help navigating your options and helping to make Blink as engaging as possible, please check out some of our other resources here

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