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Switching between Blink accounts.
Switching between Blink accounts.
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If you have an account in multiple Blink organizations or companies, you can be logged into all of these accounts at once and use our account switcher to seamlessly go from one to another.

Who can use the account switcher?

Available to all users on all pricing plans

Getting Started

Showing the three steps to set up account switched from iOS or Android.
  1. The entry point varies slightly depending on your platform:
    On Mobile: go into Settings, and scroll to the bottom. You should see a “Switch Account” option - tap it.

    On Web: click on your profile image at the top of the menu bar, or the settings icon near the bottom, and you should see a similar option -click it.

  2. A slide out tray will appear, in which you can see your current account, and an option to “Add account”.

  3. Tap on “Add account”, and you’ll be taken to the sign in flow, where you can log in to an alternative account using any of our supported login mechanisms.. You can also exit this sign in flow and return to your original account by tapping the “X” in the top right corner.

Switching between logged in organizations

Once you are logged into multiple accounts, you can access the account switcher tray by tapping on the Blink logo at the top of each tab on mobile or by tapping on the company icon at the bottom of the navigation bar.

Logging out of an organization

If you need to log out of one of your accounts you can do so from the settings page or settings menu just as you can today.

When you log out of an account, then that account will disappear from your account switcher. If you end up back at a single account, then you will need to go through the settings route again to add a second active account.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know which account I’m logged in to?

In the account switcher, the current account is shown with a nice tick next to it.

Can I log in multiple times to the same organisation as different users?

Yes! In this case, the account switcher will show not only the name of the organisation, but also the name of the user that you would be logged in as. Very useful for quickly switching between different personas during a demo!

Can I reuse a phone number or email address across accounts?

Not yet. For the time being, each account must use a unique email or phone number.

How do notifications work when logged in to multiple accounts?

For this initial release, you will (mostly) only receive notifications for the currently active account. However, we have follow-up work scheduled for later this year to deliver all notifications and provide indications within the app of unread notifications in the other account(s).

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