Configuring the layout of Feed
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With the ability to re-order widgets on the Feed page, you're in control like never before.

Add, remove and re-order widget to build the perfectly layout for optimal efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to personalized organization.

In this guide, we'll show you how easy it is to set up a feed page that is perfect for your organization. Let's dive in!

Which parts of the layout can be edited?

This image shows the two columns of the layout that can be editied. These Widget areas (shown in pink) are located on the left and right-hand sides of the Feed. You can add, remove and rearrange the widgets displayed here.

Showing that both the left and right-hand columns of the Blink Feed screen are the editable spaces of the application.

Entering edit mode

If you're an Organization Admin on Blink, from the Feed page on the desktop app, you will see an Edit widgets button at the bottom of each widget area. Clicking on either of these buttons will take you into editing mode and the Widget Library will over the Feed.

The Widget Library

The Widget Library appears only when in editing mode and shows all widgets that can be added to the layout. Most widgets are shown using dummy data to give you and idea of how they may look even if you haven't yet set up the content that may be shown in them.

Above the Widget Library, a black bar appears containing a Cancel and Update button. Clicking on Cancel will revert any changes you may have made and return you to the layout as it was before entering edit mode. Clicking on Update will apply your change to all users.

When in editing mode you can:

Add widgets

To add a widget, simply click and hold on the widget you wish to add and drag it to the location you want it to be in either the left or right-hand widget area.

Re-arranging widgets

Widgets can be re-arranged at anytime by using the same draging action as you do to add a widget. You can drag widgets up and down a widget area or from one area to another.

Removing widgets

You'll notice that when in editing mode all widgets start to shake slightly and a remove icon appears in the top left corner of the widget. When you tap on this button the widget will be removed from the layout.

Applying your changes

It's important to note that no changes will be applied until you click the Update button.

Changes to the layout apply to everyone in the organisation.


Where can I find out about the widgets available?

You can find out about available widgets here

I've got some feedback about editing the layout and widgets, how can I get in touch?You can feedback directly to our product team by using this form. Thank you in advance for your feedback. Your feedback allows us to introduce improvements to meet your needs.

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