What is a Chat?

A Chat is a conversation between one or more Blink users. They can be 1-on-1 or Group Chats.

Chats are completely private between the members of each specific Chat.

Things to remember about Chats on Blink:

  • Any member of a Chat can add a new member, but only administrators can remove people
  • Only administrators can change Chat details such as the title, description or icon
  • When someone leaves a Chat, they will disappear from the Chat list of members. They lose access to the Chat entirely, including all content that was shared, and the conversation history
  • To rejoin they must be re-invited by an existing member of the Chat


When someone joins a new Chat they can see the entire history of that Chat. 

User's are able to @mention other user's in their messages to ensure they receive a notification and don't miss crucial information. 

User's are also able to use a GIF picker, to choose a GIF perfectly suited to the message. 


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