How to set or change your timezone


Blink works for teams distributed locally as well as all over the world. Therefore, it is possible for you to change your timezone so it's right for your personal location. This will impact the notifications that you receive from the Feed and Chats. Your Timezone can be changed at any time and will take affect immediately.

This article will cover:

  • Setting this on your PC
  • Setting this on your Mobile app
  • FAQs
Setting this on your PC
  1. Click on the Settings cog
  2. Click Edit preferences
  3. In the Do Not Disturb section, you can see the option to Set your timezone 
  4. Choose your location from the drop-down menu
  5. Then click Save changes
Setting this on your Mobile app
  1. Click on the Settings page
  2. Scroll to 'Timezone'
  3. Search for, and Select your timezone

Can I set this for certain days?

We are still looking into releasing this Feature.

Does this affect Priority Posts?

No, you will still receive Priority Post notifications.

I can't find my Timezone

If you are unable to find your Timezone please reach out to us here, to request we add your Timezone.

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