How to post to the feed

  Adding a new post to the feed on Blink is simple! In this short guide we will explain to you how to:

  • Start composing a new feed post
  • Add rich content to your feed post
  • Select the target audience
  • Tweak the settings of your feed post

Start composing a new feed post

From the Feed page on any platform (iOS/Android/Web/Desktop), locate the share box at the top of your feed. Click (or tap) the share box to start composing your post.

The share box on Desktop

 The share box on mobile

Now you have opened the share box you can start typing your message. Make sure to start by selecting the correct category specific to your post. These will be set by your organisation and could be different than the ones shown here. To learn more, read our guide on categories.

 Example categories

Add rich content

Apart from writing a lovely bit of text, you can also include images, hyperlinks and Youtube/Vimeo links. We will do our best to make your post look as good as possible by generating a video or link preview and include it with your post. If you prefer, you can dismiss the preview by clicking the cross in the top right corner of the preview.

Preview of a Youtube video in your post (Web)

You can also include an image or file to your post by clicking or tapping the paperclip icon in the lower-left corner on Desktop/Web and the lower right on iOS/Android.

Select the target audience

Once you're happy with the content of your post, it is important to select the right audience at the top of the share box. You can post to any team or individual (or any combination thereof), simply search for the team or individual you want to post to by typing their name.

Select the target audience on Mobile


Hint: Mentioning

Once you have selected the correct audience, you can start mentioning individuals inside your post. You can mention anyone who is added as an individual or is a member of a team in the audience. Mentioning someone will increase the visibility of your post to that person and will ensure they get a notification about your new post. Mentioning Joe from the Sales and Finance team.

Note: Restricted teams

Some teams, however, will have been marked as 'restricted' by the team administrator, meaning you won't be able to send a feed post to these teams unless if you are an administrator. Restricted teams will be marked 'restricted' in the audience search field.

Often, large teams like the 'All company' team will be restricted.

You can also share videos through the feed on both your mobile and desktop!

This example will show you how to post videos on your desktop!

When posting a video from your desktop you would start it like any other post, choosing the team, category, and editing your post settings to fit

Sharing a video in the Feed is the same as sharing any other post! To add a video to your Feed post, just click on the attachment icon and select which video you'd like to upload.

In this example, we're uploading a .mp4 file, but you can upload ANY commonly used video format!

You can now play the video to make sure it's the one you want to send BEFORE posting - here you can see the video controls and the option to view in full-screen mode.

Once you're happy and your video post is ready...

...then click Post! Your video now needs to upload to the Feed. If you're uploading a large video to the Feed, it will take a little bit of time for it to load but you can use Blink as normal whilst the video is loading!

You should know that...

You can also send multiple videos on a feed post! Note: this will affect the speed at which you upload so it is recommended to do this through your wifi.

To post on mobile is just as easy, but it comes with an extra feature!

When posting a video from your mobile you would start it like any other post, choosing the team, category, and editing your post settings to fit.

To add a video to your Feed post, just click on the attachment icon and select 'Image and Video' Library. Then select which video you'd like to upload, simple as that. In this example, we are uploading a .mov but you can upload ANY commonly used video format.

Post settings

Clicking or tapping the cog icon at the bottom of the share box will open the post settings screen. Here you can select whether people should be allowed to comment on your post if a push notification should be sent to the audience and if the post should be pinned (priority posts only). Additionally, you can schedule your post to be sent at a later time, or feature your post (administrators only) for a limited period of time, causing your post to re-appear in peoples feeds over time.

 Post Settings Screen

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