How do I expand the audience of a feed post?

  Expanding the audience is a feature that increases engagement by allowing users to increase the audience of content in the feed. Although not limited to particular post types, expanding the audience ensures the very best posts, questions, and concerns are being seen by the right people in your organization.

Depending on your admin status within Blink, the audience you can expand to will vary. This is detailed below:

  • Organization admins and Content Moderators can add recipients to any card in their feed.
  • Team admins can add recipients to a card shared to the teams they are admins of.
  • Basic users can only add recipients to a card they created.

  1. To expand the audience of a feed card, click on the 3 dots at the top of a card and ‘add people to post’.
  2. A new window will open where you can select the individuals and teams you wish to expand the post to. Note: Individuals and teams already in the audience will appear greyed out and are unclickable.
  3. After clicking ‘send to new audience’ a new feed card will appear in the feed of the new audience.
  4. The original audience will not receive a new card but instead will see an updated audience list and a system message in the comment section.

If an Organization Admin, Content Moderator, or Team Admin expands another users post, the original author will receive a notification that the audience has been expanded on their post.

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