How to create a form

  Blink provides a really simple way to distribute forms and surveys to your employees. The process is easy - simply create your form, copy the URL and create it in the Hub. Blink also provides the ability to pass through basic account information to these providers using custom variables.

Create your form

Blink supports any form creation provider. We have included help below for the most common providers: Google, Survey Monkey and Typeform.

If you use another provider please create the form using their help documentation, copy the form URL and continue to Add your form to the Hub.

Google Forms

To start a new Google Form visit At the top of the screen there will be a carousel of templates from which to choose. Click on the template you wish to use (or Blank to start from a completely clean form).

Create the form using the interface, click here to visit Google's help documentation for assistance creating the form.

To enable the form in Blink you must disable any options that require Google Sign-In or restrict the form to your G Suite domain. To do so, click the cog in the top right-hand corner of the screen followed by ensuring all options in the "Requires sign-in" section are unchecked.

Obtaining the form URL

There are two options for obtaining the URL depending on whether you wish to pre-fill any fields.

If you simply wish to create the form without any fields pre-filled from the user's profile then click Send in the top right corner of the screen.

This will open a screen with several options to "Send via". Select the Link icon and press Copy. Paste the URL somewhere safe for use when you add your form to the Hub.

Obtaining the form URL with Pre-filled fields

If you wish to pre-fill some of the fields with values from the user's profile then click the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the screen and select "Get pre-filled link".

This will open a new tab with the form open. In the fields you wish to pre-fill enter some text that identifies the field. We find that the field value in caps and underscores provides the easiest value to find later. Once you have filled in the questions you wish to be populated click the Get Link button. When the black feedback message appears click "Copy Link".

Paste the link into a text editor. It will look something like the below:

You should end up with something like the following:

Custom Variable 1: entry.713398166=DEPARTMENT_NAME

The values required for completing the Custom Variables section when creating your form in Blink are split by the equal sign. The part before the '=' is the name, the part after the '=' is the name of the field (by setting this as the type of data you want to fill in it makes it easier to select the correct profile field later). Now you can add your form to the Hub.

Survey Monkey

Help for setting up your Survey Monkey form can be found here.

If you wish to use Custom Variables you must be on a paid plan. Once you have created your variables (click here for help) make note of your variable names as you will need these when you add your form to the Hub.


Help for setting up your Typeform can be found here.

If you wish to use Custom Variables (called Hidden Fields in Typeform) you must be on a paid plan. Once you have created your Hidden Fields (click here for help) make note of your field names as you will need these when you add your form to the Hub.

Add your form to the Hub

Once you have obtained the URL from your form (and the names of any Custom Variables you wish to set) open the Blink admin panel, go to Shared Content and navigate to the folder in which you wish to publish the form. Once there, click form in the action menu in the right-hand column.

This will open the Add form side-panel. Start by selecting the form provider you are using, add the URL you obtained earlier, set the name of the form (as you wish it to show to Blink users) and add a custom icon if desired.

If you are not sending any Custom Variables (known as URL or Query Parameters by some other providers) then you can skip ahead to Sharing the form.

Setting Custom Variables

If you are using custom variables to pass account data from Blink to the form then you must enter the details at the bottom of the form add/edit side panel.

For each variable enter the name in the left hand box and select the field you wish to populate it with from the drop down. If you need to add more than one variable simply click the add variable button.


If the user has set their contact details to hidden then we will not pass any variable that is bound to the email or phone account fields. For these users the value will be blank in the form. 

Sharing the form

To share the form select the Team(s) you wish to share the form with. Only members of those Teams will see the form in their Hub.

You can also choose to send a post into the Feed of all those who can view it. Simply toggle on "Share to Feed".

Once you have everything set up as desired click Share.

If you selected "Share to Feed" at this point the share modal will open. You can enter the message you would like to be included in your post and also select which Post Type it should be sent as. Once ready simply click "Share".

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