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Blink comes built-in with a way to create content in the Hub called Pages, removing the need to upload Word documents or PDF files. 
Blink Administrators can create Pages in the Hub section of the Admin portal.

Who can use this feature?

All users can use this feature. However, only Team Admins, Content Moderators, and Organisation Admins have the ability to create and publish any Page.
  • How to create a new Page
  • How to add content
  • How to add attachments
  • How to add Links
  • How to preview a Page

Just in case you wondered

The recommended size, in pixels, for the Banner of a page is 1840 x 750. However, you can try others around this. See what works best for you!

How to create a new Page

Open the Blink Admin Dashboard and navigate to the Hub section. On the Hub content page, under Add Content, select Page.

This opens the Page Editor. Before you can Publish a Page you need to specify a title, some content and an audience you would like to share your new Page with. This is also a good time to set a Featured Image for your Page and share it to the Feed to increase visibility. 

How to add content

Besides text, you can add the following types of content to a Page:

  • Images
  • Attachments
  • Links (to external URLs or to items in the Hub)
  • Videos (YouTube/Vimeo)

  Magic icon

There is an upload limit of 25MB for all attachements or images uplodaed to pages!

How to add attachments

You can add attachments to the Page simply by clicking the attachment button in the toolbar and selecting one or more files from your computer, or by dragging and dropping files from your desktop onto the Page Editor. After dragging multiple files, a side window will open where you can rename the files before uploading them to the Page.

Every attachment will be added on a new line in the editor. If you prefer, you can remove the empty lines in between the attachments to make them appear in a row.

How to add links

Links will automatically be detected in your text and highlighted as a link. Alternatively, you can select any piece of text and click the link button to add a link to the selection.

You can either link to a URL or a Hub Item. Linking to a Hub Item allows you to link to other Pages, add a quick way to open a Micro-App, or link to an attachment in the Hub. 

We think you should know that...

Make sure to only link to Hub items in your Page that the audience of the Page will have access to, otherwise they will be presented with an error message if they try to open the Hub item inside the Page.

How to preview a Page

At any given time, you can preview your Page to check what it will look like for Mobile and Web/Desktop users. Simply click 'Preview' and use the Mobile/Desktop icons to toggle the preview mode between Mobile and Web/Desktop. 

When you're happy with the content and layout of your Page click 'Publish' to make it available to everyone in the audience that you selected. When someone views the Page in their Hub they will always receive the Page with the latest changes that were published.

Translating pages using On Demand Translation

Who can use this feature?

This is a paid-for feature and must be enabled first. Please contact support for more information.

This will translate any Page created within Blink into the desired language selected by any user. For more information on this feature, and how to set it up, click here.

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