How to Post as an Alias

  This article will walk you through how to post as an alias! Creating a Post as an alias is exactly the same as creating any other Post, you just need to change the Blink account you're sending it from. For more information on how to create a Post click here.

How to post as an alias:

  1. Select the downward-facing arrow in the top right-hand corner of the draft Post
  2. Select which alias you would like the Post to be from
  3. Choose the audience, write the content, choose the Post type, attach any documents if you'd like to, and check the Post settings - as you would with any other Post
  4. Click Post!

You can then see the Post appears in the Feed as if it was sent from the alias you selected, NOT your personal Blink profile.

It is also possible for users to post as an alias on the Blink mobile app!

The ONLY difference in the mobile app is that you need to click the sideways arrow in the From: section and select the alias from there.

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