To edit users please head to the Admin Page and find the user you need to edit! What you can edit can be found below:

  • Editing the information on the account
  • Editing Team Access
  • User state(i.e. Disabling users)

Editing the information of an account

Each profile has dedicated information that needs to be personal to each user. That means their team, location, and teams need to be specific to that user!

Editing a user is as simple as clicking on the correct field and typing away.

In this example, you will see how you can change the name of a user that had a typo! The user below has their name as 'Jogn' which should be 'John' - let's change that.

  1. Find the field you need changing
  2. Click and edit the field accordingly
  3. Click 'save'!

That's everything, simple as that.

Editing the Team access

Just as simple as the above, however, if you are a Team Admin you can only add and remove members who you admin over. Therefore, you can see all accounts that are in the team you Admin over but you cannot edit the other Teams in their list.

  1. Find the user who needs their Teams changed.
  2. Click onto the profile and switch to the 'Teams' section
  3. Then press 'Add to teams' if they are not in a team. Search for the Team they need to be in and add them to that team!

They will now be in the correct Teams! Note: You don't need to press 'save'

Removing Users from teams

  1. Editing a team just requires you to find the user in question and selecting the Teams section on their profile.
  2. Once there, find the team they need to be removed from.
  3. Click the three little dots and press "Remove from Team"

Disabling users

At one point or another, you may need to disable a user for whatever reason, you can do this by following the below steps:

  1. To disable a user you need to head to the User's profile.
  2. From there the 'Disable user' option will be located on the right-hand panel
  3. Press 'Disable user'.
  4. To make an account active you should do this but press 'Enable user'

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