2. Update Your Profile

You can edit your Blink profile on both your mobile and desktop devices.


  1. Log into Blink
  2. Select the cog icon in the bottom left
  3. Select ‘Edit Profile’
  4. Edit your personal details such as name, job title, department and employee ID
    1. Toggle over 'Hide contact details' if you do not want to share this with other users
  5. Upload a display picture - this is shown in the Directory
  6. Go to preferences and choose how you’d like to experience Blink - you can select different settings on different devices. Reminder: Blink can be downloaded on mobile, desktop and even tablet!
    1. On desktop
      1. Choose different notifications for Chats, 121 private messaging
      2. Desktop notifications
      3. Do not disturb, critical for shift workers and ensuring a healthy work/life balance if Blink is on your Frontline’s personal device
      4. Language preferences
    2. On Mobile - exactly the same but includes:
      1. Snoozing notifications - if you’re in Team Meetings
      2. Biometrics - additional security such as face and/or fingerprint recognition based on your local device’s settings

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