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What is a One Time Passcode? (OTP)
What is a One Time Passcode? (OTP)

OTP usage in Blink

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Each time you need to authenticate with Blink, we'll send you a new passcode to use alongside your email address or phone number so you can log in. These are some of the most secure ways to get access to an account as they are always different and can't be used more than once!

Depending on how you registered, we will either send this password to your email address or your phone number via SMS.

A one-time passcode (often abbreviated to OTP) is simply a password that's only valid once. Once you've used it to log in, you'll need to request another to authenticate with.

OTPs are Blink's default authentication mechanism. It strikes a great balance of security and convenience: You don't need to invent and remember another password for Blink, just enter the OTP that is sent to you!

Keep in mind that administrators can alter the login mechanism to revert to regular passwords or by using a third-party provider like Office365, Google, or AD.

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