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How to set up Sharepoint Integration as an Admin
How to set up Sharepoint Integration as an Admin
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This feature is included with Enterprise and available for additional charge for Business tier. Please contact our support team for more details.

What can the Sharepoint Integration do?

Blink gives your frontline seamless access to the Microsoft 365 suite, helping enterprises like yours get the best out of their Microsoft investment. When you connect Blink to SharePoint, you can display and access all SharePoint sites from the Blink Hub.

For assistance connecting your Microsoft account to blink, please click here. For more information on Sharepoint on Blink, check out this article.

Who has access to this feature?

The application needs to be set up by a Blink Organization Admin who is also a Global Administrator or Azure AD Application Administrator.

Once Set up, Content can be added by Organization Admins, Content Moderators, and Team Admins.

How to set up Sharepoint

  1. Once you've contacted support to confirm that Sharepoint Integration has been added to your subscription, open the admin panel and go to the "manage apps" section

  2. Select the > next to "Microsoft 365" to open the app options/management screen.

  3. Select "Enable"

  4. This will open a tab in your browser to prompt you to login with your Microsoft credentials.

  5. After logging in, the option to add content directly from Sharepoint into the Hub will be available. Any user who has not already logged into their Microsoft Account in Blink will be prompted to do so prior to adding content.

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