Chat Likes
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Easily communicate with your colleagues with the like emoji 👍


We've brought the like emoji from feed posts to chats, allowing users to express themselves and communicate with their colleagues easily.


The feature is enabled by default and available across the Web, Android, and iOS. The ability to like a chat applies to all chats, private 1-2-1, company-level chats, and channels.


  1. Navigate to any of your chats/channels

  2. Hover over the message you would like to ‘Like’

  3. Click on the little thumbs-up icon to like a message from the chats action me.

  4. Once a message has been liked, the liked icon is displayed to all users in the chat.

  5. Hovering over the like displays the users who have ‘liked’ the message

  6. To remove the like, either click on the liked thumbs up or click on the like option from the chats action menu.


Can everyone see the message I have liked?

Yes, once a message is ‘liked’ everyone in the chat/channel can see you have liked the message.

Do I get notifications when someone has liked my message?

Will the other person know, I have un-liked my like?

Will the other person know I have un-liked my like?

Although no notifications is triggered to let the user know, the user may know you have unliked the message simply by the nature of likes being public.

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